Could you clarify- Is the monthly calendar a weekly meal plan of recipes or does it just show one recipe per week of the month? When I signed but it seemed described as a monthly meal plan but now it sounds more like just one weekly recipe?

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Thanks for the question, Doublefuddge. While we get the new One Potato up and running, we’ll be rolling out different features throughout the summer. First up with the monthly calendar is a new featured recipe each week, meal prep tips for using more of the ingredients, leftovers ideas to create the recipe into extra weekly meals, and sauces to use throughout the month. You'll also start seeing our family favorite One Potato smoothie and cookie recipes.

We're also bringing tips from the community about their favorite recipes and cooking hacks, as well as kitchen and gardening activities (grow your own herbs, for example) for the whole family.

We’d love to speak to you and find out some of your favorite recipes and kitchen tricks, and how One Potato can add value to your family & kitchen. Got time for a call? Send us a DM, and we'll set it up.

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